Rihanna Nipple Slip

Written by NippleCritic on June 3, 2008 – 10:13 am -

Following on in the theme of classic nipple slips, here’s Rihanna at the 2008 Kid’s Choice Awards.  Ahhh, the perils of sudden movement in a loose fitting low-cut top.

Rihanna Nipple Slip

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Ashley Tisdale Nipple Slip

Written by admin on February 28, 2008 – 10:04 am -

On the topic of classics of the genre, here is another that must rank quite highly among the connoisseurs. It’s always nice to see up and coming celebrities out and about for the camera, and here High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale has a little more out and about than intended.

Ashley Tisdale Nipple Slip

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Sophie Marceau Nipple Slip, A Classic of the Genre

Written by admin on February 16, 2008 – 1:25 pm -

She’s elegant, she’s sophisticated, she’s molar-janglingly beautiful and she’s also prone to the occasional wardrobe malfunction as these clips from the 2005 Cannes Film Festival indicate. 

Sophie Marceau Nipple SlipSophie Marceau Boob SlipSophie Marceau Celebrity OopsSophie Marceau Nipple Oops

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Britney Spears’s Latest Nipple Slip

Written by admin on February 6, 2008 – 3:44 pm -

More a breast flash than a nipple slip, the latest instalment in the epic saga of the Spears twins.

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Eva Mendes Nipple Slip Video

Written by NippleCritic on January 28, 2008 – 4:51 pm -

Since appearing on French TV show “La Boite a Questions”, pictures and fragments of video showing Eva Mendes’s apparent nipple slip have erm… sprung up in abundance.  However, after repeated close inspection of the video of the Cuban-American beauty, the Nipple Critic remains unconvinced.  It could be some acutely executed Photoshopping in answer to the dreams of millions.  Here’s the evidence, decide for yourself. 

Eva Mendes Nipple Slip

Evan Mendes Nipple Slip Close-up

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